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Pan African Awards

Posted by Constantin Santos T. Toko on May 4, 2015 at 11:25 AM


The team of HOKIFA (Homeland Kids and Family) Cameroon and TOGO made by Constantin Santos Toko (Founder), Yvette R. Toko (Honorary President and Co-founder); Constance Hollie-Jawaid (U.S. Texas Representative); Bruno Nwayi (Deputy Manager ).; Roland Ametou ( Executive Director) and the field members are HAPPY to share the infos that HOKIFA is one of the Pan-African winners amongst 500 competitors of THE SAVILLE FOUNDATION Pan-African Awards for Entrepreneurship in Education .... organised by the U.K based

Initiated in 2007, The SAVILLE FOUNDATION Pan African Awards for Entrepreneurship in Education have been successfully identifying and rewarding organisations that are taking entrepreneurial approaches to filling the gaps in educational service delivery across the African continent since 2007.

In recent years, the Awards have seen record numbers of winners – with over 500 entries received and winners named in over 40 countries, the high media coverage and an increased focus on supporting organisation to scale and encouraging replication of successful models.

The aim is to identify outstanding education initiatives across the continent that are capable of replication and scale - models which The Saville Foundation might choose to support directly, or assist in taking to new countries - or via partners which TeachaMantoFish works with to raise awareness amongst African schools, governments and the international development sector of sustainable approaches to education.


THE SAVILLE FOUNDATION Pan-African Awards for Entrepreneurship in Education

Meet our inspirational winners from 2014!

Our Country Winner  in Togo Homeland Kids and Family


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